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We have found that the products listed here are very useful to our patients in both losing weight and in maintaining their weight loss. They are offered here as a convenience to our patients and to anyone else who would like to try them.  We order our products from a variety of different companies in the United States and Canada.

We do not recommend attempting to use these products to do a Very Low Calorie/Carbohydrate Diet without medical supervision.   These products should only be used as a supplement to a daily meal plan.  


We have found that many of our products are less expensive than other on-line websites.  And if you compare, most of our products contain 15 grams of protein in each serving where many other more expensive products do not.  Protein is the biggest expense when making protein products, not the carbohydrate or fat grams.  So if you are purchasing products that are more expensive, have less protein and more sugar or sugar alcohols, you are paying too much.


You have three ways to order products from us:  1) You can go to our online store and order using PayPal, VISA or Mastercard.  2)  You can download a Grocery Order Form and Credit Card Authorization Form from The Store Home Page at the bottom and fax the completed form to our Roseville office for pickup or shipping.  3)  You can call the office, place an order and we will ship directly to you. 

Roseville Office # 916-773-1191  Roseville Fax # 916-773-0498


We will ship anywhere in the United States (excluding Hawaii) within 3 business days, Tuesday-Friday, via UPS Ground.  Overnight and Saturday deliveries are not available.

All of our products are shipped directly from our office in Roseville, California.

There is no sales tax on our protein and food products.

There is California sales tax on all of our vitamins, minerals and supplements, 7.25%, for California residents only.  For those customers who live outside of California, there will be no sales tax charge.   

Shipping & Handling fees apply to all packages as follows:  

Our shipping boxes can accommodate approximately 20 pounds of product.  If your order exceeds 20 lbs, you will be required to place two orders with two separate shipping charges.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.


We cannot accept returns on any perishable and consumable items. Please purchase wisely.

If you receive an item that you did not order, you can return the items to us at your expense and we will refund you for the amount and ship the correct item to you at no shipping cost to you – you pay only for the correct item.

Any items you receive damaged will need to be returned to us at your expense and we will reship you the correct items to you with no shipping fees.

At times a product may be out of stock because of large purchases made in the offices, the item is out of stock, or back-ordered.  It is difficult for us to keep the The Store updated online at all times.  Therefore, we will ship your order to you without holding it for back-ordered items.  We will NOT ship at a later date when the products become available and you will need to reorder them.


Please inquire by email at purchase@hendricksforhealth.com or call the Roseville Office if you would like us to hold your order and ship when all the products become available.  

PROP 65 - The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986

California's Proposition 65 warning requires us to inform you that products used in our program my contain levels of lead that are above those permitted by Prop 65.

A number of food products we purchase, as well as many nutritional products, contain lead, which is one of the 800 substances named in Prop 65.  However, most of the companies we purchase from have Certificates of Analysis from their major suppliers showing that the ingredients have naturally occurring lead, not added lead.

For your information:  Many common products contain lead, including candy bars, many fruit juices, many canned fruits, lettuce, red wine, and many, many more foods.  If the soil has naturally-occurring lead, it might be in your broccoli or kale, too.  So, to be in compliance with the good old State of California, below is said posted warning.

"Warning:  These food products may contain lead, which at certain levels is known by the State of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm or developmental harm"